The smart note-taking tool for efficient people

Smart note taking capabilities
Record & transcribe online and live meetings
Generate answers with AI
Plan your day with our calendar integration
Smart organisation with AI (coming soon)
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Our mission is to make your life more efficient.

These are the 4 pillars in which you can achieve a more structure and more efficient life. Each pillar help move your thoughts with more clarity and efficiency.

1. Capture
Capture thoughts and information quickly and easily
Super fast note capture
Meetings recording & transcript
Real-time collaboration
2. Process
Process information in a more digestible way
Meeting summary & to-dos
AI answers
3. Reflect
Reflect on your daily thoughts and tasks to increase clarity
Daily journal note for reflection
Journaling templates to keep up your goals
4. Organize
Clear your mental space for new information for come in.
Smart AI sorting for notes
Tasks Management
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Create notes really really fast

Simply type note.co in any browser, and ta-da, your unique note is created and you can start sharing and collaborate your note.


Powerful note-taking & collaboration

Quickly type your thoughts with our markdown and block type system, and start sharing with your colleagues and friends.


Record & transcribe any meetings

No more “I forgot what they said”. You can now record your online and live events and get a summary and actions items for each meetings.


Plan your day with our integrated calendar

Sync with your Google or Microsoft Outlook calendar and see all your meetings and create notes accordingly.


Get AI answers for literally anything

Ask questions about your transcript, notes, or even the internet and get accurate answers in seconds.

This tool is perfect for:


Busy professionals with back to back meetings? Never forget your conversation.

User Interviews

Long conversation with a lot of information? This tool will save you hours.


Reduce your time to execution and get back 1h each day.


Get super productive with ready made answers and summaries ready for you.

Anyone tired of forgetting things

That’s true too

Why are we building Note.co?

Our manifesto

Hey everyone,

I'm Philippe, CEO here at Note.co.

Life can be stressful and sometimes hard to manage. We all have busy schedule and life can get in the way. We end up with tons of meetings back to back and feel like we've lost control of our life and then to realize that we start forgetting things that we wouldn't before.

Sounds familiar? 

Yet, we wonder what life can become where everything falls into place. Where we feel like we are becoming our best-self and achieving the goals that we have planned. Where we lie in bed without random thoughts that we haven't sorted out. Where we feel accomplished and grateful every single day...

It doesn't have to be that way... and this is the reason we are building Note.co.

Notes are like atoms of our thoughts, and deserve to sit in a better place for us to tap into. Our thoughts are consuming our everyday life and in order for us to live a fulfilled life, we need to bring structure.

Notes deserve better. A more modern way to write them down and to store them.

That is our vision with Note.co. A more structured, thought-through approach to store your thoughts and to memorize things. Making YOUR life more enjoyable, so you can spend more time with what matters. We all deserve that.

Let's make notes great, again.

Philippe Hong
Founder & CEO
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